The Power of Beginning

Everyone starts somewhere.  The most iconic artists, athletes and entrepreneurs begin as novices.  They take their dreams and make them into reality by putting in the long hours and focus required to get their big goals done.  They’re no different from you and I.  But they are obsessive about their vision, relentless in their execution and apply a monomaniacal focus.

How do you take that dream, vision or thought-impulse and make it into your reality? It’s completely overwhelming to think about your end result. This vision alone often poses enough resistance to justify not beginning. Running a marathon, beating a bad habit, building your dream business; all mountains, yet as you look around, you’re still walking amongst the plains.

So what do you do? Well, here’s my big suggestion… just start. That’s it; it’s that simple. Get the ball rolling. Go for a run. Put pen to paper. Get off your Facebook feed. Don’t wait for the inspiration to begin. Just start, and the inspiration will come.

There is incredible power in executing on inspiration. Ideas without action are only fantasy.

By taking that first step, whatever it is, you’re shifting your momentum to action instead of inaction and complacency, and you can turn your fantasy into your reality. 

A tactical suggestion: try articulating your goal or dream into a clear, concise, plan of action. Even the most overwhelming tasks like “make a million dollar business” can be broken down into bite-sized steps that will be much more manageable. Nothing will come without effort, so to make a million, you’ll have to describe exactly what you intend to give in return. I’m not suggesting a comprehensive 22 page plan that takes you from start to finish, although you certainly can if you want! Try a one page plan… you’re personal guide to taking your idea from vision to reality. You can then see the effort that will be necessary, and make daily, weekly, and monthly goals accordingly.

As you cross items off your list, you’ll build momentum. You’ll build focus, and above all else, you’ll build confidence. Remember; the best of the best don’t just do things when they feel like it. They show up every single day and do the work they planned to do. Winners do what losers won’t. 

So… take the first step today, right now, this second. You owe it to yourself. Prove the naysayers wrong. Live your dreams!

I want to share with you my vision. This is Joulz right after the thought impulse of inspiration. From that one impulse, came Joulz, and all the inspiration and motivation I believe it has to offer you.