Taking on a Titan - Our Apple Watch Event Parody

This is the story of how our Joulz launch campaign It’s Almost Time came to be.

When Apple revealed its live event for the Apple Watch on March 9th, we couldn’t help but take notice.  The event artwork was striking… and familiar.  From months of pouring over artwork and making continual revisions to Joulz designs, every detail of our artwork had been memorized.  Simply to satisfy our curiosity, we tested and found out that by layering some of our designs, it looked uncannily like the artwork that Apple produced for it’s event.  It was inspiring to see artwork similar to ours go mainstream.

In the name of good fun, we decided that since both the Joulz launch, and the Apple Watch event were so close together, we’d create a parody of Apple’s event invitation. The irony of our launch campaign closely resembling that of a technological product launch was too good to pass up on.  Why not create something funny that might get people’s attention but be undeniably different and unmistakably Joulz.  It could also provide us with some really unique feedback from an audience that we might not otherwise reach.  In other words, it was an opportunity too good to pass up on!

Using our layered Joulz designs, we went with the words “It’s Almost Time” as a nod to Apple’s upcoming event, but mostly as a gesture towards our own launch — which has taken countless hours and been a labour of love.  Instead of the iconic white apple, you see our logo made to look like a watch.  The overall results were stunning… you may even see the results on future Joulz products!