Hot off the press… the Joulz Energy Board!

Clear a spot on your vision board and prepare your creative visualization muscles, because now every Joulz comes with a Joulz Energy Board!

It’s the perfect place to write down what you desire, the action you’ll take to achieve it, and even add a picture to help you visualize it each time you connect with Joulz.

This is how you’ll use your Joulz with the Joulz Energy Board:

1.  Choose it.  Decide what you really desire. Get clear about what you want. Write this down under the I desire section of your Joulz Energy Board.

2.  Picture it.  Use your Joulz as a visual reminder to help you stay motivated to take the determined action you’ve written down on your board.

3.  Change it.  Each time you connect with Joulz, visualize the photo you’ve added to your board and picture it already in possession.  You are now training your brain to connect you to it.

Studies have shown that defining and writing down your goals will help you achieve them. Visualizing your goals can shift your mindset, improve happiness, and allow you to focus on your plan of action. Where your focus goes, energy flows!

Remember - good goals should scare you a little but excite you a lot!