Taking Joulz to the Next Level.

Here are some helpful tips, tricks, and other info for you and your Joulz.

In a “Pod” shell

From the beginning, we wanted to respect the age-old art of selecting crystals.  We created Joulz with an open “Pod” surrounding the crystal so that you can touch the crystal within.  It is said that you will be drawn to your specific crystal by sight or touch, if you have a clear intention for what you want in your mind.

Wallet, keys, Joulz - check!

After selecting your Joulz, it’s up to you to pop it out of it’s Pod or keep it in to use as a purse charm, keychain, or other accessory.  Out of it’s Pod, Joulz is the perfect companion for your meditation practice, morning commute, or pocket for the day ahead.

Everyday Feng Shui

Joulz are carefully selected tumbled crystals, and for good reason!  You can use Joulz just about anywhere.  The specific location is virtually limitless, subject only to your intention.  Keep it somewhere in sight that will remind you of your intention throughout the day.  Here are a few of our favorite places to put Joulz:




In your pocket as a token of your intentions for the day ahead.


Dangled as a purse charm. Style and function together at last!


On your desk. Reminding you to stay focused now and reap the rewards later.




In your bedside drawer. Instill your affirmations at the beginning and end of every day.


On the top of your mat for that 6am yoga class; hold your zen all day long.


On your window sill. Remember to make room for space, and enjoy the little things.




Out with the old, in with the you

Cleansing can be the most important part of owning a crystal.  Your Joulz has taken a long journey from the earth to your hands, and will have picked up all kinds of energies along the way.  Take care of those negative and unwanted energies by cleansing your Joulz regularly.  Cleanse and re-energize your Joulz using some of our favorite methods:



Let your Joulz soak up the sun. The sun’s powerful rays will cleanse and reenergize your crystals.*


Set Joulz out in the moonlight for a more subtle cosmic energy.


Let your Joulz soak in salt water to dispel any negativity. Set them out in moonlight or sunlight at the same time for added benefit.




Other care and helpful tips:

In general, semi-transparent crystals may also be subject to fading if they are directly exposed to sunlight for a prolonged period of time.

The structure of a crystal, though relatively hard, can be easily cracked or chipped when dropped.  Please treat your Joulz as you would want to be treated.

*We also want to remind you that we do not claim any medical or healing properties for any Joulz crystals. Consult a health professional for any and all health questions.